Supplies and Fees




Parents are requested to pay a one time set fee for their child’s school supplies each year. Listed below are the permissible school fees in compliance with provincial legislation.  Supplies included are exercise books, pencils, pens, pencil crayons, wax crayons, scissors, felt markers, glue sticks, erasers, rulers, duo-tangs, binders, and scrapbooks, lined and unlined paper.

The school has taken on the bulk purchase of school supplies as a service to our parents.

All students will need inside athletic running shoes (please….no skate shoes). They will require a knapsack or other suitable tote bag for carrying books etc. These items should be clearly marked with your child’s name. Each student is also asked to bring one box of Kleenex.


School Supplies                 $35.00

Total                                    $35.00

GRADE 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

School Supplies                $35.00

Student Agenda Book        $10.00

Total                                    $45.00

Our school has a financial hardship policy, so if support is needed, please contact Ms. Garries at school.

We also collect fees for cultural performances or other whole school activities, but we are fortunate that our PAC covers these expenses. Thank you to our Parent Advisory Committee!

Throughout the school year, each class may go on a one or more field trips that may or may not include a fee. Where there is cost involved, parents who are not able to afford the fee can choose to get support from the school, or the school could offer an alternate activity. No child is ever denied an experience due to lack of funding.

Please send cheques payable to Sorrento School in a sealed envelope clearly marked School Supplies and your child’s name on it to the school office no later than Sept. 30, 2019. You may also etransfer school fees to our school email address: