Staff Contact Information

Principal Mr. Paul Rosman
Secretary Mrs. Wanda Weninger
Teaching Staff
Division 1 – Grades 4/5 Mrs. Angela Nitschke
Division 2 – Grades 4/5 Ms. Melissa Green
Division 3 – Grades 4/5 Ms. Jenna Schmidt
Division 4 – Grade 3/4 Mrs. Cristine Lawrence
Division 5 – Grade 3/4 Mrs. Carmen Dawkins
Division 6 – Grade 2/3 Ms. Sara Haugland
Division 7 – Grade 2 Mrs. Leah Quintal
Division 8 – Grade 1/2 Ms. Chelsey Hudson
Division 9 – Grade 1 Mrs. Lavern Butchart
Division 10 – Grades K/1 Mrs. Camille Kellie
Division 11 – Kindergarten Mrs. Emily Zinck
Division 12 – Kindergarten Mrs. Andrea Ruckle
Certified Education Assistants (CEA’s)
CEA Mrs. Carolyn Campbell
CEA Mrs. Tamara Smolne
CEA Ms. Donna Soderquist
CEA/LHS Ms. Pauline Hartley
CEA/LHS Mrs. Carol Berg
CEA Mrs. Kiley Sitter
CEA Mrs. Tracy Lutz
CEA Ms. Julia Roy
CEA/LHS Mrs. Erin Eppel
Support Staff
Custodians    Ms. Kylie Elliot  and 
Learning Resource Teacher Mrs. Shera Niewenhuizen
Learning Resource Teacher Mrs. Jen Silverson
School Based Counsellor Mrs. Marie Seibel
Speech/Language Pathologist Mrs. Jean Brighouse
Literacy Support Teacher Mrs. Ravonne Foulger
Music Teacher Mr. Dan Smith
Teacher Librarian Mrs. Ravonne Foulger
Indigenous Education Workers Ms. Barb LeBeau and Mrs. Gerrilynn Alexander
Education Support Worker Mrs. Tamy Simcoe