Goal Setting Conferences and Early Dismissal

Just a reminder that we are having an early dismissal for students on Thursday Nov. 19 at 11:17. Buses will run 3 hours earlier as well, so please make arrangements for students to be met at their bus stop 3 hours earlier than usual.

Early dismissal is happening because we are once again holding student goal setting conferences as the first term formal report. This is a very important part of the new curriculum, and since students are the center of the plan, please ensure your child is participating in the conference with you and their teacher.

Due to the pandemic, most conferences are being held virually, or by telephone. If you have informed your child’s teacher that this method is not possible for you, please attend the conference in person by wearing a mask/face covering, hand sanitizing at your child’s classroom door, and sign in with your child’s teacher. We will not be using the front door to access the school for goal setting conferences.

Thank you for participating in this important component of your child’s education!